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Mo-Sys partners up with NVIDIA to unveil latest broadcast innovations at IBC 2023

Mo-Sys unveils the latest innovations at IBC 2023
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Mo-Sys unveils the latest innovations at IBC 2023

Mo-Sys has announced a partnership with NVIDIA, revealing innovations for virtual production and extended reality (XR) applications.

This new partnership promises to elevate Mo-Sys' popular VP Pro XR virtual studio product lineup and accelerate the development of TimeCam, its remote production solution designed for global use. TimeCam is set to join NVIDIA's software-defined platform for building and deploying media applications for a seamless and powerful experience.

It's interesting tech, promising worldwide camera control from one point to another anywhere in the world with zero delay.

Mo-Sys' MultiViewXR powered by NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs represents a comprehensive multi-camera switching solution tailored for LED virtual studios. It uses patented machine learning technology that offers a seamless experience by automatically handling keying, re-compositing, and delivering real-time AI-assisted director previews for off-air cameras. It also gives complete control over shutter speed and exposure while affording the freedom to choose the preferred camera, LED controller, and panels.

MultiViewXR was much in evidence at IBC2023, where visitors saw it alongside Sony FR7s and on the LG booth, showcasing the seamless switching between four RED Komodo cameras equipped with four Fujinon lenses, tracked by the innovative StarTracker Max. 

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