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Meptik releases Studio Pro, an all-in-one ‘Virtual Studio in a Box’

Meptik Studio Pro
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Meptik Studio Pro

Designed for universities, filmmakers, broadcasters, and brands, Meptik Studio Pro offers a fully pre-configured LED studio that aims to reduce setup time and integration of cutting-edge technology.

The new Meptik Studio Pro integrates various components, such as disguise studio control stack, ROE LEDs, camera tracking systems, and technical support and training to enable creative teams to elevate their productions without making them complicated by assembling separate technologies.

"Virtual production offers unparalleled advantages such as immediate visual feedback, reduced travel, and streamlined post-production processes," explains Meptik co-founder Nick Rivero. "However, setting up a virtual production stage traditionally involves navigating through months of planning and integration. With Meptik Studio Pro, we've condensed this process into a turnkey solution. It’s a complete package that eliminates guesswork about hardware and software compatibility, allowing teams to focus solely on their creative vision."


Meptik Studio Pro  comes in four different sizes:
  • Small: Ideal for presentations and single-talent setups
  • Medium: Suitable for commercial shoots, advertisements, and online courses
  • Large: Designed for high-budget film and episodic projects with complex sets and multiple actor
  • XR: Tailored for augmented reality projects blending virtual and physical environments

Studio Pro includes VX and RX servers, and disguise Designer software to control the visuals. Designer enables both Previz and on-set control of cinematic content which can be 2D, 2.5D or real-time 3D such as Unreal Engine or Volinga for NeRFs. Studio Pro will also be available in a range of ROE LED sizes, specific to the customer's application.

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