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LWKS launches Lightworks 2023

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A major new version of LWKS’ extremely popular NLE platform has dropped and  Lightworks 2023 is billed as offering significant improvements at all levels.

LWKS says the new Lightworks 2023 offers considerable upgrades at the free, intermediate, and pro editing levels and says the software is “reaffirming its position as a competitive force in the video editing space.”

It’s good to hear and the spec sheet looks great. Following some major improvements to the colour management system in 2022, LWKS has now added full HDR workflow support to Lightworks 2023, allowing editors to maximise their use of colour and contrast within their projects. Another significant new feature is the Custom Layout Creation toolset, which allows users to create and save custom Lightworks layouts that best serve their editing needs and style. Lightworks 2023 also sees the addition of Video Mask Effects, greatly improving the ability to work with pre-made effects or to create entirely new ones. 

Other essential additions include improvements for keyboard shortcuts, panels, audio tools, video FX, and an enhanced UI.

James Richings, LWKS CEO, commented: “Lightworks 2023 is a result of our continued commitment to work with users and respond to their needs by providing an editing experience that serves every step of the editing journey. The technological advancements of our new toolset focus on creative storytelling and allowing Lightworks editors to edit smarter, not harder.

Lightworks 2023 will begin shipping immediately and is available from www.lwks.com 

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