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Lots of new RED KOMODO accessories in this week's news roundup

The new Tiltaing kit for RED KOMODO. Image: Tilta.
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The new Tiltaing kit for RED KOMODO. Image: Tilta.

This week's news roundup includes RED KOMODO. Lots of RED KOMODO.

The RED KOMODO 6K cinema camera with global shutter has proven so popular, that when you visit the RED Arsenal page, the company instructs buyers to call for availability, instead of purchasing online. As such, there have been plenty of accessories from third-party manufacturers looking to support the KOMODO. We'll take a look at two new options.

Tilta Cage and Accessories for RED KOMODO

Tilta has released new cages and accessories for the KOMODO, including the Tiltaing RED KOMODO Kit A, which costs only $199 USD. Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, they come in tactical grey or black. 

The Kit A includes the full camera cage, wooden handle, cold shoe accessory mounting bracket, ARCA quick release plate type II, Manfrotto quick release plate type II, and top plate. You can also purchase accessories separately, or other Kits, up to Kit E for $539, which has pretty much all options available.

Visit Tilta's RED KOMODO page to learn more about kits and accessories.

Core SWX 3-Stud Plate for RED KOMODO

Core SWX 3-Stud Plate for RED KOMODO.

Jarred Land, RED's President and Co-Owner, took to Instagram to announce that Core SWX's new 3-Stud plate has received official RED Approval.

Dubbed the CXA-KOMU, it's a BP to 3-Stud plate that directly mounts to the KOMODO, allowing 14.4 V 3-stud batteries to be used, including their NANO Micro (in both 3-Stud and V-Mount). You can still use the DC input for AC power, plus hot swapping batteries. It will cost $199 USD, and should start shipping fairly soon (around mid-February 2021). Pre-order here.

In addition, its CXV-KOMU V-Mount plate has been available for a short time, and also has official RED Approval. It also costs $199 and can be ordered on Core SWX's site.

Kondor Blue Canon C70 Cage

Kondor Blue Canon C70 Cage.

In non-KOMODO news, Kondor Blue has announced a new cage for the Canon C70 Cinema EOS Camera. The full set-up includes:

  • Top plate: Dual NATO rails, dual cold shoes, bubble level, 1/4"-20 and ARRI 3/8"-16 threads, and more.
  • Side plate: Comfortable grip, 1/4"-20 and ARRI 3/8"-16 threads, and more.
  • Bottom plate: Helicoil steel threads, HDMI protection, compatible with their bridge plate, side wings with 1/4"-20 threads, and more.
  • Top handle: Start/stop record button, cold shoe mounts, 15mm side rod support for a monitor or EVF, and more.

Plenty of options for only $299 USD, plus the ability to save a little money by ordering only what you need, such as just the cage and each plate separately. Check out Kondor Blue's page to learn more and pre-order for delivery around late March 2021.

Nanlite Introduces Forza 300B Bicolor LED Monolight

Nanlite Introduces Forza 300B Bicolor LED Monolight.

Nanlite promises the Forza 300B Bicolor LED Monolight will give directors of photography a great light option, but with a small footprint. It features a COB LED and can emit up to 37440 lux at just 1 meter, with color temperature at 5.6K, for example. The head weighs 5 lbs.

Full color range is 2700 to 6500K, and and be run on DC48V/8.4A AC100-240V 50/60Hz batteries. The light can also accept firmware upgrades.

Pricing hasn't been released yet, but check out the page on Nanlite's site for details, and soon, pricing information and how to buy.

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