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Logitech MX Series keyboards and mice for Mac

The new ergonomic Logitech Ergo Wave Keys for Mac
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The new ergonomic Logitech Ergo Wave Keys for Mac

Logitech has added more keyboards and mice to its MX series designed specifically for Mac hardware.

Whether you’re using a Mac laptop or desktop, having an excellent keyboard and mouse is important for getting work done, especially if you’re spending hours on a new cut.

And if you’re more of a MacBook Pro user, using the MX Series wireless keyboard and mouse can help give a more desktop-like experience. Especially when you pair it up with a monitor and a laptop stand.

Logitech’s latest keyboard and mice additions to its MX series fit the bill, and even includes an ergonomic keyboard. These new accessories are made specifically for Apple, with an overall design and colors that pair well with Mac hardware plus macOS keyboard layouts.

Newly released are:

  • MX Keys S for Mac
  • MX Keys S Combo for Mac
  • MX Anywhere 3S for Mac (wireless mouse)
  • MX Keys Mini for Mac in Space Gray
  • Ergo Wave Keys for Mac

One of the highlights from Logitech is the new MX Keys S for Mac wireless keyboard with smart illumination. One cool feature is the ability to download software to set up keyboard customizations, shortcuts, and profiles for specific apps. Colors include Space Gray and Pale Grey (yes, gray is spelled both ways) and is rechargeable via USB-C. The MX Keys S for Mac will retail for $109.

MX Keys S Combo for Mac

The MK Keys S Combo for Mac is the best deal, offering the MX Keys S, MX Master 3S for Mac mouse, and the MX Palm Rest, priced at $199 

The MX Anywhere 3S for Mac wireless mouse also has a quality yet compact design. It features 8K DPI tracking and can work on most surfaces, including glass. Logitech says it can hold up to a 70 day charge via USB-C. It costs $79.

If you’re looking for a new ergonomic keyboard, the Logitech Ergo Wave Keys for Mac has a special wave design and a cushion for palm comfort while typing. Like the MX series keyboards, it was designed specifically with Mac users in mind. It will sell for $59 and baffle anyone who hasn’t used one before.

There are many of us who have had Logitech gear over the years, including keyboards, mice, web cams, etc. While Apple has fine keyboards and mice, Logitech has been consistently making some pretty high quality accessories that are worth taking a look.

Learn more at Logitech’s website.

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