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Leitz Cine introduces ELSIE full frame prime lenses

Image: Leitz Cine.
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Image: Leitz Cine.

Leitz has unveiled ELSIE, a new line of 13 full frame prime lenses that will be consistent in speed and size. The lenses are set at T2.1, a range from 15mm to 150mm, and an LPL mount. It's no wonder it has the cinematography world buzzing.

These new cine full frame prime lenses are of a completely new design, and Leitz considers them high-end cine glass. While the 13 ELSIE lenses are consistent in size, they're still compact for a full frame lens, weighing about 4.4 pounds each (average, 2 kg), 6.3 inches long (160mm), and a front diameter of 95mm at the majority of focal lengths. All lenses will feature an aperture rotation of 51.45° and 270° focus throw.

The focal lengths will include 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 29mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm, all at T2.1. The size and weight will remain consistent, though the 15mm and 150mm may be slightly different in dimensions and weight.

The ELSIE full frame prime lenses take advantage of the shallower flange depth of the LPL mount. They will feature a warm look with a gradual brilliance and resolution falloff at the edges of the image, guiding the eye to the center. These will be really nice cine primes, and Leitz says their Zoom line of lenses are similar in overall feel and look to the ELSIE, and are terrific companion glass.

Leitz has also revealed each ELSIE lens will cost about 19,000 (around $22,195 or £16,398), and the first 5 focal lengths will be available starting in the second quarter of 2022. They will be made in Germany.

The ELSIE lens is named after humanitarian Elsie Kühn-Leitz, daughter of Ernst Leitz II, who helped Jewish employees escape Germany in World War II. She continued helping others after the war across Africa and Europe. Ernst Leitz Wetzlar will donate a portion of proceeds from the ELSIE line to the non-profit 'Engineers Without Borders' to help others.

Learn more about the Leitz ELSIE full frame prime lenses here, and, as mentioned above, the company will release the first 5 focal lengths by the second quarter of 2022.

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