21 Jul 2017

Panasonic builds NDI (NewTek's Video over IP technology) into new cameras

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Plug n' play with the new Panasonic PTZ cameras Plug n' play with the new Panasonic PTZ cameras Panasonic


NewTek's NDI is being seen increasingly as the de facto standard for live video production, and evidence of the take-up is mounting. Here’s just one, significant, example.

Panasonic has just announced the arrival of a complete range of professional PTZ (Pan / Tilt /Zoom) cameras with built-in NDI (Network Device Interface) support.

A quick reminder: NDI is NewTek’s video over IP ecosystem that features low latency and high quality video over “traditional” IP networks. It provides a way to make real time connections between NDI enabled video devices, and features an extremely efficient codec designed to retain quality while maximising the number of channels that can be carried on any given network infrastructure.

Version 3 of NDI has just been announced, bringing new features like multicast, as well as high efficiency mode, for even better use of available bandwidth.

NDI can carry both video and control signalling for PTZ cameras.

PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely and are ideal for automated studios. Don’t confuse these Panasonic cameras with similar-looking security cameras: professional PTZ cameras can have fully broadcast specification.

What’s significant about the cameras Panasonic has just announced is that NDI is fully integrated. This means that with only minimal configuration they’re able to join an NDI network and be found by any NDI destination such as a TriCaster, where they will appear in a menu list of available sources.

The range tops out with the memorably named AW-HN/HE40, which has an impressive 22x zoom, HDMI and IP connectivity.

All the “N” cameras have an NDI mode that optimises the cameras for best performance and full compatibility over an NDI network. The single connection to these cameras carries low latency video, audio, PTZ control, Tally and power. These will be easy cameras to install.

We’re impressed by Panasonic and NewTek’s ability to work together and by Panasonic’s commitment to this de facto standard for video over IP interoperability.

Read Panasonic’s full press release over the page.

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