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Insta360 Studio ships major new free update

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Insta360 Studio has had a serious overhaul, which will improve editing workflows for anyone using the Insta360 range of consumer action cameras.

Insta360 Studio has been overhauled with a. wide range of new features, and probably the most welcome one for users will be the ability to merge multiple clips. This had previously necessitated booting up another package entirely, but now users can merge and cut clips any way they want.

To get started, create a new Project and add the clips you want to include to the timeline. From there, you can easily trim, reorder, and generally adjust the clips. Also new is the ability to work on multiple edits simultaneously. Simply start a new project and switch between them with just one click.

There are a host of new workflow tweaks in editing too. Adding keyframes is easier with just a right-click; there's a new General Media folder where you can add files you frequently use for easy access, including videos, photos, and music; in the new Media page, any changes made to a file will be reflected in all ongoing projects and the Temporary Media folder; and a new Speed Editor feature allows for precise and simultaneous adjustment of clip speeds on the timeline, which is a huge time-saver.

There's more stuff to play with too, including the ability to include background music, text, and a variety of transitions. For music, you can either opt for a diverse collection of free songs or upload your own tracks in .mp3 format. Various text animations and effects can be added to a video with ease,  while pre-loaded transitions such as camera movements, special effects even include full 360 options like Tiny Planet or barrel roll.

Users can choose between Insta360 Studio on the desktop (Windows or macOS) or the AI-powered mobile editing suite in the Insta360 app. Both options are free to use.

The update is available to download from the Insta360 website and is compatible with all Insta360 consumer action cameras, including Insta360 Ace Pro and Insta360 Ace, X3, ONE X2, RS, GO 3, GO 2, and more. 


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