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How one company is using RaySync to deliver thousands of hours of content, worldwide [Sponsored]

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Interview with Hasan Köroğlu, Founder of Kadraj Group, the Biggest Digital Delivery Hub for Turkish Dramas.

Hasan Köroğlu is the founder of Kadraj Group. His knowledge and experience on the Internet and audio visual technologies as a producer for many years has seen Kadraj growing fast.

Kadraj is the leading company on QC, localization, and delivery services in Turkey, which was established by Hasan in February 2019. It has been 12 years and 8 months until now. 

It was just a decade ago when Turkish dramas became popular all over the world, and just after two years later Kadraj was established. It was perfect timing for its services, and it is working together with the major market players including producers, distributors, and broadcasters. Today it is a pioneer in this market.

Here’s an interview with Hasan Köroğlu and Raysync, the high-speed file transfer solution provider, in which Hasan shared his use case in data delivery and the difficulties his team met in the daily workflow.

Raysync: Hi Hasan! Could you please describe your use case in worldwide content delivery

Hasan: Kadraj is the biggest digital delivery hub for Turkish dramas and Turkish series. Keeping in mind the demand for Turkish dramas on the world market, that makes our position unique. After the latest progress on internet technologies, almost 95% of the deliveries are completed via internet. Just to make it clear, we are talking about deliveries of thousands of hours of content every month to over 40 countries and around 150 clients/broadcasters all over the world. This is why we need alternatives all the time and we are pushing the boundaries all the time.

Raysync: What difficulties have your team met in the workflow? And how does Raysync helps to solve?

Hasan: Creating new accounts and user permissions, user management - they are major problems. And there were some issues with the stability of the platforms we were using back then. Also bandwidth management was another big problem for us. Raysync solved almost all of them, especially the bandwidth management, which is really important for us, and Raysync did it. We are glad.

Raysync: What projects did Raysync handle the data transfer for?

Hasan: Hundreds of Turkish TV series, and we have sent over 200k of unique commercial hours of TV content. For the last 10 years, the TV content that has been exported to other countries from Turkey has been prepared and delivered by Kadraj, by us.

Projects Kadraj has participated in

Raysync: How big is the file for each transfer?

Hasan: Let's say it's between 20 gigabytes to one terabyte for each file. Let’s say a 45 minutes episode is around 20 gigabytes in MXF format, and Turkish series are around two hours long, and in 4K raw the content is more than a terabyte. Those are single files. We have over six petabytes data at the office right now. But keep in mind this is not big data, this is a volumetric data. We do not have that many files, but the files are really big.

Raysync: How do you like Raysync’s data transfer and acceleration services?

Hasan: Actually, this is something we really haven't thought about it, because just after implementing the software, the platform into our workflow, we got used it very quickly and feel like we haven't migrated, but we were using it from the very beginning. It's really easy, we liked it very much. Because it's easy, and it's obviously planned and developed with really experienced people, they know what they're doing.

Raysync: What's next plan with Kadraj?

Hasan: There are lots of plans. For the last couple of months we are working on ISO 27001 certification and we are in the process of TPN assessment. And this is why we are updating our structure, everything at the office, so there will be lots of changes in the coming a few months, maybe before the new year, and a lot will change at Kadraj.

Special thanks to Hasan Köroğlu from Kadraj Group.

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