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How ASUS ProArt can enhance the performance of Unreal Engine

Skyup Academy in Montebelluna Italy
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Skyup Academy in Montebelluna Italy

SkyUp Academy is a leading Italian digital arts school, which is also an authorized Autodesk, Unreal Engine, and Chaos Group centre. Its most promising students learn through intensive masterclasses and create a personalized workflow to become professional CGI artists, working in the fields of VFX for cinema, video games, ADV, and design. See how their work speaks for itself!

Established in 2017 by Mauro Baldissera, Skyup Academy's purpose is to share his experience in the field of computer graphics with the next generation of 3D digital artists. Its mission is to enhance its students’ skills in the field of visual effects, digital animation, video games, and cinema by offering courses both on-site and online. Skyup Academy's flagship Masterclass course in 3D Computer Graphics teaches its students all the fundamentals of 3D graphics starting from character design all the way to rigging and animating a scene using Unreal Engine. Other courses are more specific to certain fields using Unreal Engine, Nuke or Zbrush, where its students learn all aspects of the 3D pipeline from modeling to compositing.


Challenges in the future of VR, AR, AI and Machine Learning

With the growing use of VR and AR, AI and Machine Learning, not to mention the importance of sustainability, 3D Computer Graphics (CGI) is expected to see significant growth in the upcoming years. The technology is enabling users to perform more complex and detailed 3D designs than before, which means Skyup Academy needs to keep up with the latest technological improvements. To be able to teach its students the practical skills they need in the industry, Skyup requires industry-standard equipment to make sure its graduates are well prepared for what is expected of them when starting up their careers as 3D artists.

“It's important to have industry standard equipment at Skyup Academy because it allows students to gain hands-on experience with the tools and technology that they will encounter in the real-world workplace,” comments Mauro Baldissera, Founder of Skyup Academy.

Skyup_Academy2Skyup Academy teaches the next generation of 3D digital artists

Backing every 3D project with a reliable workstation

Since CGI relies heavily on geometric data, a reliable workstation is very important when working with 3D projects. Chiara Rovoletto is a teacher at Skyup Academy and she tells how there can be a lot of data and information to process, such as texture, lighting, and geometry. To make sure the school is working efficiently, students need a workstation that is powerful enough to run multiple complex software packages simultaneously.


Skyup Academy paired Creator Pro PC powered by ASUS ProArt motherboard with their monitor to render large Unreal Engine projects

With the Creator Pro PC powered by ASUS ProArt Motherboard, Skyup has noticed a significant improvement when it comes to its rendering times. “It is very quiet and definitely more powerful than the workstation we used before,” says Chiara. “This means that we can work on more complex projects than before.” With a vast amount of connectivity ports, the school can also incorporate different 3D tools as part of its workflows.


The workstation comes with multiple connectivity ports to connect different external 3D tools

Monitors for a detailed and comfortable viewing experience

After installing the ASUS ProArt PA32UCR 4K HDR monitor, the school can provide more accurate, detailed, and comfortable viewing experiences when working on 3D models. A monitor with a high resolution and color accuracy helps to make precise adjustments to images or videos, which is essential for Skyup. The low blue light, and the flicker-free display helps students to work long hours in front of their projects. With the 1,000 nits brightness of the monitor, the students can now see better color accuracy and improved contrast without excessive eyestrain.

ASUS ProArt PA32UCR provides high colour accuracy and brightness for a detailed contrast ratio

Another display Skyup uses every day is the ASUS ProArt PA247CV monitor. This Calman-verified monitor presents an accurate representation of color which helps to ensure that the colors you see on your monitor match the colors in the original artwork as closely as possible. The factory-calibrated ProArt monitor means Skyup can be sure that its work will look accurate and consistent across different projects without losing time recalibrating when starting a new project. 


Skyup uses the ASUS ProArt PA247CV monitor to ensure that its work stays accurate and consistent across different projects

Final words

With the ASUS ProArt displays and workstation, Skyup has managed to not only enhance its performance with Unreal Engine, but also keep the quality consistent when it comes to their final product. “Our experience with the ASUS ProArt workstation and monitors has been fantastic. I highly recommend them to all digital artists,” concludes Baldissera.

Learn more about Skyup Academy here.


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