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Hollyland introduces tiny new LARK M2 wireless lavalier microphone

Hollyland LARK M2
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Hollyland LARK M2

Hollyland introduced the LARK M2, a new consumer-grade wireless lavalier microphone.

The Hollyland LARK M2 is aimed at any kind of general content creation, such as live entertainment, distance learning, social media, event planning, weddings, presentations, live streaming, and more. The microphone connects wirelessly and works with iPhones, while the USB-C version connects to Android phones, the iPhone 15, action cameras, and computers. The microphone has an LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) antenna that reduces signal blockage for stable, uninterrupted audio transmission. With a range of up to 300 meters, the LARK M2 is billed as suitable for different recording environments.

The LARK M2 also supports Hollyland’s LarkSound app, which gives users firmware updates, volume and noise cancellation adjustments, and real-time audio status checking. Hollyland claims the microphone can operate continuously for up to 10 hours or another 30 hours with the charging case. The system can be charged while in use.


Key features:

  • It weighs just 9g
  • Perfect for filmmakers, vloggers, podcasters and other content creators
  • Adjustable environmental noise cancellation (ENC)
  • 48kHz/24bit Hi-Fi sound
  • Multiple package options
  • Up to 40-hour battery life with a portable charging case

The LARK M2 is available in four versions: Mobile (Lightning) for $149, Mobile (USB-C) for $139, Camera for $159, and Combo Version for $179. You can purchase the LARK M2 from here.

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