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Hedge debuts latest tools for digital filmmakers

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Hedge's suite of software solutions is now more comprehensive and integrated across various stages of the creative workflow than ever before.

Fair amount of IBC news from Hedge. From managing original camera files to seamless project sharing during the editing process and archiving with LTO, Hedge presents a growing range of options tailored to meet the needs of filmmakers. 

OffShoot: The future of data management?

OffShoot now offers multiple versions, including OffShoot Solo for iPadOS, OffShoot, and OffShoot Pro, enabling users to select the version that best suits their requirements. OffShoot boasts an updated user interface, while the Pro version introduces support for AWS S3 cloud storage, scripting capabilities, an API, and Codex 7 compatibility for the latest ARRI Alexa camera formats. The release also marks the introduction of a new floating license model and Connect 3, an advanced universal push notification system.

OffShoot is designed to cater to a wide range of users. The standard version is perfect for those seeking accelerated data transfers and robust security verification, while OffShoot Pro is tailored for specialised tools and advanced workflows. The transition to floating licenses ensures that users have uninterrupted access to OffShoot. OffShoot is poised for its official launch in October.

Connect 3: Notification system

With Connect 3, Hedge introduces a cloud-based notification system that integrates seamlessly across its product line. Users can monitor transfer status via a web interface across all OffShoot instances, regardless of location, making it ideal for large organisations seeking efficient resource coordination.

Mimiq: supporting storage options

Mimiq, Hedge's storage solution, continues to help editors with storage systems. Mimiq supports a variety of storage vendor options, including SMB, NTFS, AFP connections, and the innovative LucidLink cloud storage solution. The Mimiq Pro version introduces Workspaces, enabling users to mount folders or shares from various NAS, SAN, and DAS systems, allowing for bin locking across different storage solutions.

Mimiq's Project Licenses offer a flexible alternative to subscription models, allowing users to synchronise with monthly Media Composer costs without being tied to yearly licenses. 

PostLab technology preview

Hedge also provided a technology preview of the new PostLab at IBC2023, designed as a collaboration application for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. The next-generation release introduces support for an array of creative apps, Event Locking for Final Cut Pro and DropOff, a new tool for external collaborators to upload files directly into a LucidLink Filespace.  The new version of PostLab will be available as a public beta later in the year.

Canister: Modernizing LTO

And finally, Canister, Hedge's solution for local backup and archiving, has been updated to include support for the Connect 3 notification system. Canister for Windows will be released in October, further enhancing its capabilities.

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