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Hedge releases a trio of Offshoots

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After seven years in the business, OffShoot Solo, OffShoot & OffShoot Pro mark the transition from the old Hedge application to the new era.

Following the announcement of the transition from the Hedge application to OffShoot earlier this year, the Hedge team says it has been fully immersed in a customer-engaged beta track. The result of that has been a refining of the release and what has now become OffShoot Solo, OffShoot & OffShoot Pro.

Hedge reassures users that OffShoot is still the fast, secure, easy-to-use application for offloading camera media, but says that it’s also grown to become part of a wider ecosystem of products and supports a greater range of workflows. 

OffShoot Solo takes advantage of the latest updates in iPadOS 17 for increased speeds and is aimed at users working on projects that favour mobile devices. “We recognize the value of the work and how mobile devices have evolved to now support fast connectivity, verified transfers, and affordable options for users to transfer camera files to their devices and other storage,” says Hedge. Price is $49.

OffShoot features an updated UI and new integrations. The application formally known as Hedge contains all of the core copy engine technology that’s been developed over the last seven years to provide the functionality required to copy files fast and securely. It is targeted at a broad range of creatives who require accelerated data transfers and use verification to ensure each copy is secure. Cost? $149.

The Pro version adds support for AWS S3 cloud storage, support for scripting/API, and Codex Device Manager 7, which introduces compatibility for the latest ARRI Alexa camera formats. Alongside support for AWS S3 storage, the connection to cloud can be utilized with other cloud storage vendors that support the S3 architecture. OffShoot Pro will set you back $249.

The core of the Mac/Windows versions is that it also marks the debut of both the new floating license model as well as Connect 3, the next instalment of the company’s online dashboard and universal push notification system.

“Currently, notifications are app-based, which is inherently limited, so we’ve developed a cloud platform that will eventually allow us to add notifications wherever we need them across our entire product line,” says Hedge. “Connect 3 adds support for Android and iOS devices on 16.4 and above. Users can use the web interface to monitor transfer status on every instance of OffShoot you manage, wherever it is located. For large organizations, this means tracking footage across numerous locations and better coordination of resources.”

OffShoot and OffShoot Pro also both offer integration with iconik, a popular hybrid cloud asset management solution from Backlight. With OffShoot, users can copy cards and send media straight to iconik’s Storage Gateway to catalogue, archive, and share with their team. OffShoot Pro includes additional metadata options to further deepen the integration with iconik. OffShoot and OffShoot Pro also offer opportunities to upload files to Frame.io via a dedicated watch folder.

And lastly, there’s also a transition to floating licenses. This newly implemented feature offers the convenience of installing OffShoot on any number of machines while granting users the freedom to deactivate licenses from machines that are not currently in use. If users require concurrent usage on multiple machines, they can easily add extra activations as needed. Having perpetual OffShoot licenses gives users the flexibility to add activations whenever necessary, whether it's for specific projects or to align with production demands. 

For existing customers with active support for the current Hedge application, OffShoot will be made available as a complimentary update.

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