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Godox releases pocket-sized 120W ML100Bi

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The new Godox ML100Bi delivers a lot of light in a compact and pretty powerful body.

The latest release from Godox, the new ML100Bi, has an adjustable color temperature output from 2800 to 6500K and can be dimmed from 100% to zero. A reported TLCI 97+ and CRI 98+ means that it delivers excellent color reproduction,  which should ensure lifelike visuals in both indoor and outdoor shooting. The unmodified light alone delivers up to 3670 lux at a one metre (3.3ft) distance at 5600K, which rises impressively to 34,300 lux when using the included 15° lens reflector. 

There are three power options: DC power supply, V-mount battery with 14.8V voltage, and power bank power supply (using a USB-C cable with a separately purchased power bank).

godox ML100Bi

As we've come to expect from the company, it also fits the full range of Godox-mount accessories, enabling users to create a wide range of lighting effects in compact spaces. Accessories include everything from a collapsible lantern softbox and octagon softbox to an MLP projection attachment and 36° lens reflector And, of course, fitting a Bowens mount adapter further expands on options for lighting setups

Users can easily adjust brightness and pre-programmed effects (candle, lightning, etc) using the light body controls or the Godox Light app. Handily, the ML100Bi supports wireless control through the app, allowing them to precisely tailor the lighting to their needs.

Dimensions are 122mm x 110mm x 46mm (4.80 x 4.33 x 1.81in) and weight is just 487g (1.07lb). 

Pricing is $199 and pre-orders are open worldwide now.


Godox ML100Bi Tech Specs

Power Supply 20V⎓6A
Max.Input Power ≈120W
Brightness Range 0%-100%
CRI Average≥97
TLCI Average≥98
CCT 2800-6500K
FX Type 11
Bluetooth Control Distance Max.30m
Working Environment Temperature -10°C ~+40°C
Dimension (excluding lens reflector) 4.80"x4.33"x1.81"
Net Weigh(excluding lens reflector) 487g


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