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Godox announces the VDS-M2 supercardioid mic

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For those after a high quality camera mounted mic, the VDS-M2 mic from Godox could be just the ticket.

The VDS-M2 is designed for compact cameras and can be used either via a 3.5mm mic socket, or as a USB microphone. Being a supercardioid design, the mic is highly directional, and Godox claims it gives a crystal clear, natural sound, without any colouration.

The design of the mic looks clever, with a marked gain rotary dial on the rear of the device, along with built in high pass filter options of 75hz and 150hz, -20dB PAD, high frequency boost, safety channel, and a dB peak warning light. Handily, all settings are stored even if you turn the mic off.

If you use VDS-M2 as a USB mic, the 3.5mm output becomes a headphone monitoring channel, making it useful for a range of purposes, not just as an on-camera microphone.

It features a built-in chargeable battery, which Godox claims gives over 25hrs of continuous power. The system also comes with a windshield and a shock mount, giving further value to the package.

Image: Godox.

Godox VDS-M2 specs

Pick-up Sound Mode Supercardioid
Frequency Range 20Hz-20KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 79dBA
Mic Sensitivity -34士2dB
High Pass Filter Frequency 75Hz,150Hz
Battery Capacity 500mAh
Working Temperature -10°C~50°℃
Dimension Diameter: 22mm Length: 173.4mm
Weight 156g; Microphone(96g)+Bracket(60g)

The Godox VDS-M2 will be available for US$229. For more information visit the Godox website.


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