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Fylm.ai 2.0 released: improved interface and export ICC profiles for Capture One

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fylm.ai has released version 2.0 of its cloud-based AI color grading platform with plenty of new features to dial in the color of film and video projects.

These include a new and much improved interface to streamline workflows, the ability to export to ICC Profiles for Capture One, and much more.

fylm.ai is a pretty cool cloud-based, AI-powered color grading platform that you and your team can access from anywhere in the world. Upload footage or clips and fylm.ai will analyze and make intelligent color grading decisions. There are plenty of new features, enhancements, and improvements found in fylm.ai 2.0 too, including:

  • New and streamlined user interface makes color grading more of a breeze with less clicks.
  • Export fylm.ai color grades as ICC Profiles for Capture One. This also includes third-party .cube LUTs.
  • Magic Mode has been re-built from the ground up, using AI to give some suggestions for color correction after analyzing the image. AI Exposure, AI Contrast, and AI White Balance are now the first steps in fylm.ai.
  • Film Grades replace Cine looks and Print Film Emulations.
  • RAW file handling has been improved. Now your image will be given a JPG preview, and will only do a de-mosaic if you want it, instead of doing so automatically.
  • Tools have been moved to the left-hand side column in vertical tabs for easy access. Previously, you would need to ‘add tools,’ so this is a time-saver. When selecting a tool, it’s added to the top of the column for quicker access.
  • Speaking of the column on the left, editing actions can be found there.
  • Access previews on the left, too.
  • As for the right-hand side column, you’ll find Assets, Matches, and Candidates.
  • Presets are also on the right-hand side column as a vertical tab.
  • And other features, fixes, and enhancements to make color grading better and more efficient.

Pricing isn’t bad, and they’re offering specials with the release of version 2.0. It’s subscription-based and billed annually. You can try for free and the prices are affordable, depending on needs and team size. For example, you can pay as little as $7 / month ($5.25/mo. special) for the Lite option which gives plenty of features and AI-powered grading tools. The Pro version adds that bit more, including sharing work with clients, and is 50% off for the first year at $7.50.

Get the full details at fylm.ai.

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