Full AI transcription can now be done within DaVinci Resolve

Written by Simon Wyndham

Simon Says has brought its AI transcription tools to Blackmagic Design’s Davinci Resolve.                                                        

Transcription and subtitles can now be created within Resolve using Simon Says' new integration. Image: Simon Says.
Transcription and subtitles can now be created within Resolve using Simon Says' new integration. Image: Simon Says.

Transcription isn’t the sexiest video topic, but it is an important one. With hard of hearing viewers losing out due to a lack of decent captioning, it is an area of video many more of us could do with giving a prime consideration to.

AI captioning and transcription has been available elsewhere with integration into Adobe’s Premiere, but this new announcement is the first to our knowledge that integrates directly with DaVinci Resolve. Users can now easily find meaningful dialogue, in any language, and receive the frame-accurate video transcript as ranged markers, colour coded by speaker, then caption timelines and even align translated subtitles once the edit is complete, all within the Resolve.

Raw footage can be transcribed from media bins. Users can add speaker labels, and bookmark and make edits in the video transcript editor. People can collaborate with team members to identify key soundbites and then export them back into Resolve, which incorporates ranged transcript markers, which are colour coded to represent different speakers.

Subtitles can be created for timelines in, with full translation of them into 100 different languages. A visual subtitle editor lets you preview the formatting before importing them back into Resolve. Therefore not only are hard of hearing listeners catered for, but international viewers are also included, potentially giving your videos a much wider audience.

For more information Simon Says has created a blog outline the system’s full capabilities. Resolve users can also download the Simon Says app for macOS to enable communication between the two systems.

Visit the Simon Says website.

Watch the video below to get an idea of how it works, although this shows it working within FCP X and Premiere.

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