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Frame.io 3.7.1 brings new Adobe integrations and a more efficient interface

The new Frame.io 3.7.1. Image: Frame.io.
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The new Frame.io 3.7.1. Image: Frame.io.

Frame.io has been hard at work, and now version 3.7.1 has been announced with new Adobe integrations and performance and interface improvements across the board.

Frame.io has redesigned the Adobe Premiere and After Effects extensions with new interfaces to make them more intuitive. The navigation controls have been moved so that there is a clearer view of assets, and switching between teams and projects has been made more efficient. The download button has also been modified so that it can download footage straight into Premiere Pro or to download it for review later on. Sharing active sequences has also been made easier and quicker.

Introducing v.3.7.1_9-2
Files can now be imported directly into Premiere or saved for later viewing. Image: Frame.io.

The web app has been modified to allow resizing of the navigation panel, letting users have the flexibility to focus on either the folder navigation or assets. iOS devices can also now upload files directly to Google Drive.

All of the updates are free, and more can be read about them on Frame.io’s Insider blog.

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