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Five new camcorders and a whole lot more from Canon

Canon's first 8K servo is also its widest cine servo glass to date
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Canon's first 8K servo is also its widest cine servo glass to date

Canon looks to set a bar for both quality and quantity at IBC with a raft of new announcements including 5 camcorders, an expansion back, 27” reference display, an 8K capable Cine Servo lens, several firmware updates, and a new PTZ camera.

There’s a lot to work through here, so let’s start with the professional camcorders.

Vixia HF-G70

HR_vixia_hf_g70_primary This is a 1 / 2.3” sensor camera without a top handle that records UHD up to 30p and FHD up to 60p. It has a 20x optical fixed zoom lines, Canon’s hybrid AF system, 2 SD card slots and records in Rec 709 only.


HR_xa60_primaryThese cameras also shoot 4K UHD up to 30fps and FHD up to 60p with a 20x optical zoom. But they include a top handle with 2 XLR inputs, a built in stereo mic, and a 1/8” audio input. As in all Canon cameras in this fixed zoom lens line, any model number ending in 5 has XLR. It as well only records in Rec 709.


HR_xa75_primaryThese cameras raise the ante to 1” sensors adding dual pixel autofocus, Canon Log3 and Wide DR shooting modes.

The Vixia HF-G70 will sell for $1249 while the XA60 and XA65 are priced at $1799 and $2299 all with October 2022 shipping. The XA70 carries a list price of $2499 with the XA75 at $2999. They will ship in November.

Moving on, next we have the EU-V3 Production Back For C300 Mk III and C500 Mk II


Small to mid level productions using these popular Canon cinema camera models see expansion of their capabilities with this expansion back similar to backs offered by other manufacturers in the past. For starters, it has a V-Lock battery mount and D-Tap power out. With its 12 pin output, it can supply power to servo lenses and it can take external power via a 4-pin power XLR. It can also deliver 12V power output via a 4-pin hirose. Functions can be controlled via a menu and joystick UI. And it has ethernet out. The Return Video port also supplies Genlock out. It ships the end of November 2022 for $2999.

Canon has previously updated firmware for the XF605 camcorder and EOS C70.

DP-V2730 27” 4K Display


The 27” dimension provides sufficiently compact a footprint for onset or video village use to edit suite to home editing projects but will produces a 1000 nit brightness and supports a faithful BT.2020 gamut. It supports 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD with 4 IO ports plus HDMI. Its quad or dual display support allows viewing of 3 SDI outputs of different gamuts plus 1 HDMI output.

Canon anticipates February 2023 shipping with an approximate price of $15,000.

5953C002_cine-servo-15-120mm-t2-95-3-95_primaryCN8X15 IAS 15-120 Cine Servo Lens in PL or EF mount

This lens represents Canon’s first 8K servo and its widest cine servo glass to date. It also includes a built-in 1.5x extender and is native super 35. When used on a full frame camera, its FOV is 1.5x.

The 15-120 Servo goes beyond Cooke-I protocol extended data by adding Zeiss/I protocols.

Shipping is late November 2022 at a price of $31,500.

CR-N700 4K PTZ Camera


This fixed lens 15x optical or 30x HD electronic zoom camera supports 4K-60p up to 4:2:2 10 bit with 12G-SDI output for 4K monitoring. Users may load LUTs and it supports both HLG and PQ HDR variants. Output supports include SRT, Free-D and it includes NDI|HX license.

Canon positions this PTZ camera as a high to mid-range offering.

It includes an IR remote controller and also works with a WiFi enabled tablet to provde full control. This app allows for control of up to 20 cameras. The optional RC-IP100 Remote Camera Controller is a dedicated PTZ controller that features joystick control, zoom lever and can connect up to 100 remote cameras. The dual pixel and eye AF capabilities mean fast and accurate focusing.

Target applications for the CR-N700 are concerts, events, or just anywhere that demands 4K.

It ships late December 2022 at a price of $9699 / £9599 inc VAT in the UK.

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