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Final Cut Pro 10.7 adds timeline scrolling and more

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The latest v10.7 of Final Cut Pro (1.3 iPad) adds some decent new features across Mac and iPad, including improvements to timeline navigation, expanded in-app content, and voiceover recording.

New in Final Cut Pro for Mac

The list of new tools for Mac starts with automatic timeline scrolling, which will make it easier for users to stay focused on the task in front of them by keeping their clips in view under the playhead during playback. Of course, this isn't fixed either; Editors can dynamically adjust their timeline view during playback by using the Zoom tool or keyboard shortcuts.

Apple says this update will also allow editors to see the organization of their timeline at a glance and easily differentiate clips by assigned role, which should improve the experience of viewing video and audio role colors. The distinct colors used also let users identify and highlight clips by role using the timeline index.

This should allow editors to quickly clean up complex sections of the timeline, as well as fine-tune the edit by combining a selected group of overlapping connected clips into a single connected storyline. To further streamline organization, editors can also combine connected clips with existing connected storylines.

There’s also more optimization for Apple Silicon, especially when it comes to export.  Users can now speed up H.264 and HEVC exports by automatically sending video segments to available media engines for simultaneous processing.

Also, object tracking now offers an increased range of possibilities for creating effects with an all-new machine-learning model. Results are improved when using Object Tracker to analyze the movement of faces and other objects on Mac computers with Apple silicon. Final Cut Pro will choose the most suitable analysis when the analysis method is set to automatic.

New in Final Cut Pro for iPad

Over on the iPad, the list of new features includes new voiceover capabilities. Users can record narration and live audio directly in the timeline by tapping record as they play their timeline, or finding the exact point where they want to start a voiceover and use a countdown to start.

Users can also now turn stabilization on in pro camera mode to improve shaky footage for smoother videos, or turn it off to emphasize action and movement if that’s the goal. Footage can be ingested directly into a project, so creators can start editing faster with new enhancements such as connected storylines.

A selected group of connected clips or storylines can be consolidated into a single connected storyline. And The new group command combines the power of the Magnetic Timeline with connected clips, and organizes the timeline.

New keyboard shortcuts for voiceover and grouping clips should delp further increase editing speed. Users can also now finish their videos with a number of new color-grading presets and a selection of new titles and generators to dial in the perfect look.

Finally, there’s some increased ecosystem compatibility. Final Cut Pro for iPad also supports the ability to import projects created in iMovie for iOS, and iPad users can export their Final Cut Pro projects to Mac for additional tools, like advanced color correction and expanded third-party content options.

Pricing and availability

Final Cut Pro 10.7 will be available later this month as a free update for existing users and $299 for new users on the Mac App Store. 

Final Cut Pro for iPad 1.3 will be available later this month as a free update for existing users, and available on the App Store for $4.99 per month or $49 per year with a one-month free trial. Final Cut Pro is compatible with M1 chip iPad models or later, and requires iPadOS 16.6.

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