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DZOFILM releases Gnosis 24mm VV T2.8 macro cine lens

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DZOFILM’s latest entry into its ever-expanding lens catalogue is the new wide-angle Gnosis 24mm T2.8 macro cine lens.

The new Gnosis 24mm VV T2.8 is an interesting beast. Fully compatible with the rest of the glass in the range (32mm, 65mm, and 90mm), DZOFILM reckons that its eye-catching combination of wide angle and creative macro covers a wide range of shooting scenarios. It provides an 83.8° field of view for FF format and an 88° field of view for VV format to include additional details and show more background, giving the impression of greater depth and a more immersive viewing experience.

To meet the demand for close-ups and macro shots, Gnosis 24mm allows users to shot videos with a 0.8:1 magnification ratio at 0.155m (elsewhere in the range the figures for the Gnosis 32mm/ 65mm/ 90mm are 1:1/ 1.33:1/ 1.5:1 reproduction at 0.167m/ 0.237m/ 0.258m).

dzofilm gnosis 24mm in case

The entire Gnosis series comes with a constant large aperture of T2.8 for reliable low-light work. Optical design includes a 16-bladed aperture diaphragm for precise exposure control and appealing bokeh, three HRI elements, and two low-dispersion elements to control chromatic aberration and ensure vibrant colour rendering and natural gradation for a genuinely cinematic look.

Pricing for the new Gnosis 24mm is $5389 or equivalent, while a Gnosis 3-lens set (24mm, 32mm, 65mm) is available for $15999. DZOFILM will start to ship them in mid March.


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