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DZOFILM adds four new additions to its Octopus series of lens adaptors

Now we are eight: the new lens adaptors in the Octopus range ...
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Now we are eight: the new lens adaptors in the Octopus range ...

DZOFILM has released a new series of EF lens to RF/E/L lens adaptors under the Octopus umbrella, as well as a potentially useful PL-DX adapter.

DZOFILM’s latest release in a busy schedule sees it expand its Octopus series of lens adaptors to encompass EF users. The Octopus branding comes from the ability of the said creature to be a) smart and b) hold tightly on to things, and the new releases add to its existing PL to RF/E/L/X line up. And, pleasingly, if you count the two different colours of the PL to RF adaptor as a single model, there are now eight of them.

The first adaptors of the new trio provide variously EF to RF/E/L mounts, with a fourth being a PL-DX adapter that can be used on DJI RONIN 4D without calibration

All feature an internal light-absorbing material finish on the inside of the adapter that prevents unwanted reflections and mitigates against flares;  and an active-locking system that eliminates play, gap or wiggling when mounted on adapter with no adjustments required. They're made from aluminium-alloy for durability, which also pegs their weight down to an agreeable max of 299g. 

The EF adaptors are available now for $269, with the PL-DX adapter shipping in the next week or so for $299. UK pricing is around £200 ex VAT, though there is a premium for the Canon white PL to RF adapter that bumps it up to £295 ex VAT.

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