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Dynascore: Advanced AI to dynamically score film and video projects

Dynascore for Premiere Pro.
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Dynascore for Premiere Pro.

If you regularly use stock music you'll know that the big limitation is making it suit your edit. Often you end up editing to the music. Dynascore is a new AI system that turns those tables around.

Wonder Inventions has unveiled its first creation, Dynascore, 'dynamic score,' to assist with the scoring of film and video productions. How is Dynascore different than standard stock music? Its advanced AI dynamically creates scores that will fit your project, instead of editors and filmmakers cutting to licensed music that's already been recorded.

Stock music has been around as long as I can remember it. In film school, we had access to CDs with music that was mundane to decent. Later, it was digital, but sounded just as average, and many projects ended up using the same song. Sure, you could create something based on stock loops, but then you hear one of those loops in a commercial and several films and TV shows.

Wonder wants to change that with Dynascore, which takes music that's created just for them, and uses artificial intelligence to dynamically score the project around your cuts. That includes when you want to swap out an angle, trim a shot, or let a moment 'breathe' by holding the cut longer. Dynascore will follow your lead, just like a composer does when writing the soundtrack, and it'll synchronize to your edits instead of the other way around.

Dynascore is both a standalone app for Mac and Windows and a plugin for Premiere Pro. It's easy to get started: Simply type in what you feel your project needs in the Magic Search, by theme, mood, genre, subgenre, and more. Dynascore will then present compositions that are based on those searches.

As an example, you may choose a specific genre of music at a certain speed and length. After cutting the project, you may decide the the length and transitions need to change, plus a 4 second pause halfway through. Dynascore does this easily with its AI and proprietary musical language. You may even decide to swap out the beat with a more cinematic version at the same length, all done within the app or Premiere Pro.

The big difference

Comparing Dynascore again to standard stock music, you won't be able to change anything with stock compositions, other than trying to cut a song back, or cleverly adding the same track back-to-back, and transitioning it to fit the length of the scene. And depending on the license, you may not be able to alter it much, other than cutting time out.

Much of stock music sounds dated, cheap, or has been used countless times in films, TV shows, commercials, vlogs, student projects, etc. Dynascore creates scores that sound unique and specific to your project, even if it's just a corporate video or a magnificent scene in your film involving sweeping shots of the beach at sunset, filmed from a drone.

The cost of each track is 50 cents USD, which is highly affordable, with completely unrestricted licensing. This will allow you to spend a little more on the production, perhaps with added visual effects and more sweeping drone shots. 

The music has been written and composed by professional musicians, with plenty of genres to fit with every project, including classical compositions from Mozart, dance music, classical, cinematic, etc.

 Check out Wonder Inventions' Dynascore page to explore how it works, and make sure you go Under the Hood to learn even more.

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