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DPA Microphones and Rycote team up to help filmmakers

DPA Microphones
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DPA Microphones

A new pay-it-forward initiative by DPA and Rycote aims to offer support to filmmakers during the Covid crisis by giving away some top audio gear.                                                 

DPA and Rycote’s new pay-it-forward campaign offers the chance for filmmakers to win a customised DPA/Rycote filming kit. The giveaway includes three DPA mics including the 4097 Micro Shotgun, the 4017 Shotgun, and the 6060 CORE Subminiature as well as a number of accessories.

Filmmakers are being asked to submit an application form with a description of a project that they would like to make, including the filming process and synopsis. The entries will be evaluated by a group of film sound experts and company reps with the top three projects receiving the kit. The winning filmmakers will also receive a free loan of all miking technology needed to complete the film along with a mentoring session from one of the film sound experts, which includes Tim white, Bryan “Sol” Aponte, Antoin Cox, and Stéphane Bucher.

On RedShark it isn’t usual for us to feature competitions that aren’t running in conjunction with us in some way. However this one from DPA and Rycote will genuinely help some filmmakers realise their vision of getting their project made with both equipment and advise from some of the best in the business, and so it is some light in an other wise dark period for the industry.

For more information and to enter please visit the DPA microphones website

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