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DNEG & Dimension launch DNEG 360 featuring two of world’s largest LED volume stages

DNEG 360 in Italy
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DNEG 360 in Italy

DNEG's new division, DNEG 360, will be operated together with Dimension Studio using two of the world’s largest LED volume stages based in London and Rome.

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The launch of DNEG 360 comes hand in hand with the debut of two of the world's largest LED volume stages, located in London and Rome. DNEG 360 is going to be  operated by Dimension Studio, an extension of a partnership that dates back to February 2021 and now includes a set of high-end virtual production services such as Visualisation, Virtual Production, Content Creation, and Development services. All this means that clients have access to a comprehensive production solution from development and pre-production through virtual production to visual effects and post-production for a range of projects, including feature films, episodic content, advertising, and music videos.

The new DNEG 360 operates two of the world’s largest LED volume stages in London and Rome. The London studio offers two stages: Stage One features an LED volume with 1600 panels making up a 20m x 8m curved LED wall, with four wild walls, and a retractable LED ceiling; Stage Two is set up for performance, vehicle, and volumetric capture. The second LED operation is located in Cinecittà Studios in Rome, utilizing a 24m x 8m LED volume with an LED ceiling and a 25m rotating platform deck to allow for quick repositioning of sets. Since the start of the partnership in 2021, DNEG and Dimension have produced multiple renowned shows in the virtual production landscape such as Masters of the Air (Apple TV+), Those About To Die (Peacock), and Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix), among others.

Alongside this announcement, DNEG and Dimension have also released a behind-the-scenes video providing a glimpse into the cutting-edge techniques and advancements in virtual production. See below!


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