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DJI's latest diversification: ebike power trains

A bit of an extra boost for those off-road Strava segments
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A bit of an extra boost for those off-road Strava segments

DJI, along with a clutch of other Chinese manufacturers, is remarkably good at taking its technology and porting it to other areas. Ebikes though surprised even us.

DJI has unveiled the Avinox Drive System, a new ebike drive system that made its debut at the massive Eurobike 2024 trade show, and takes the company's ability to keep drones aloft in the air for an increasingly large amount of time and applies it to keeping the pedals turning uphill.

The Avinox Drive System is a compact, high-torque drive unit that weighs a pretty lightweight 2.52 kg (5.5 lb) yet delivers an impressive 105 Nm of torque. It's a lot more than just a battery too; the system's compound planetary gearset and high-performance polymer gears contribute to its balance of size, weight, and power output, while also ensuring a remarkably quiet ride.

This being 2024, there's software involved too. Avinox features DJI's Smart-Assist Algorithm, which leverages multi-sensor fusion to automatically and continuously adjust assistance based on riding resistance. Riders can also choose from four standard riding assist modes – Auto, Eco, Trail, and Turbo – or activate Boost mode for an extra surge of power when needed. Designed for broad adaptability and long-range use, the Auto mode utilizes multi-sensor fusion to automatically and continuously adjust assistance based on riding resistance. The Avinox app allows for further customization of assist levels and parameters, ensuring a personalized riding experience.

It offers two lightweight, high-energy density battery options – 600Wh and 800Wh – providing ample range for extended adventures. Utilizing GaN 3x fast charging technology, the 800Wh battery can be charged from 0% to 75% charge in just 1.5 hours.

dji screen

Avinox boasts a 2-inch OLED full-color control built-in touchscreen display that serves as the interactive hub of the system. Riders can connect their smartphones via the Avinox app to access a range of smart features, including bike security, data recording and sharing, assist parameter adjustments, and real-time bike status checking. The system also includes innovative dual Wireless Controllers with Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience and a clutter-free handlebar setup.

The first bike with the tech attached has been launched as well. The Amflow PL is the world's first all-around electric mountain bike equipped with the DJI Avinox e-bike drive system and offers 850 W of peak power (250 W nominal power) in a 19.2 kg (42 lb) frame. Three models will ship before the end of the year with unconfirmed pricing ranging from €7000 to €12,000.

dji bike integration

What to make of this? As marketing people love to say, it's disruptive, basically. It's not the lightest motor out there, but the power density it achieves is impressive and the sheer watts that the Boost mode can lay down (120 Nm and 1000 W of peak power) has the cycling press' collective jaws dropping. I hit 1000 W on Zwift for about 1.5 seconds in a sprint earlier this year and my knees still hurt. Recharge speed is seriously quick too (the battery, definitely not me).

All in all it's an impressive bit of kit, and you get the impression that DJI is looking at its core drone tech and working out where else it may fit in the bigger wider world with a certain amount of glee.

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