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disguise unveils new Metaverse Solutions division

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Extended reality specialists disguise plans to build on its existing tech to offer new experiences designed for the metaverse.

The new Metaverse Solutions division at disguise has been created to help with a fundamental disconnect with all things currently metaverse related. While the likes of Goldman Sachs state that the metaverse offers a massive $8 trillion dollar opportunity, companies are still finding it challenging to navigate the technical elements needed to start building the experiences it’s going to require to get properly kickstarted and building consumer interest. 

disguise Metaverse Solutions plans to build on the tech that has seen its extended reality (xR) workflow already powering over 600 productions in more than 50 countries in the two years since its software was first released. It will do this in partnerships with metaverse event enablers Surreal and advanced content creators Zoan while also combining workflows and expertise with Epic Games’ suite of applications, such as architectural visualisation tool Twinmotion, web 3D viewer Sketchfab and 3D photogrammetry software Capturing Reality.

“We have always focused on simplifying complex technology to unlock creativity that empowers our users to create the most amazing experiences. The creation of our Metaverse Solutions division and the launch of disguise Labs, are a key part of this strategy”, says disguise CEO Fernando Küfer.

Going live

disguise hopes to leverage all this experience to build capability to offer virtual production workflows custom-designed for the metaverse. Gigs look to be the first beneficiaries of this approach, with an accompanying release stating that 45% of all adults are eager to listen to live music in a virtual world. And certainly some of the ones that have been staged in Fortnite in particular in recent years have been fairly jaw-dropping experiences; 2019’s Marshmello concert proved the concept with 10.7 million players watching live, while the 2020 Travis Scott Astronomical gig showcased exactly the sort of meta event that was possible.

Other platforms are, of course, available, and the new division plans to work with a whole host of major and emerging metaverse platforms, such as Fortnite, Roblox, Sandbox, Niantic, and others to deliver integrated solutions.

In terms of structure, the Metaverse Solutions division will be powered by disguise’s newly-formed exploration unit named disguise Labs, a global initiative built for creating unique spaces for brands, creatives and technologists to test and experiment metaverse workflows. First established in New Zealand, Labs will now expand - bringing together local partners in key locations such as Los Angeles, New York, South Korea, London and Montreal together.

The idea is that these Metaverse Experimentation Spaces will bring together experts in virtual production, live shows, broadcast and corporate communication, to accelerate innovation for future metaverse experiences. Brands or creatives wanting to explore the metaverse are invited to make use of the unique workflows, technology and expertise these spaces have to offer. 

“There is a huge amount of interest and investment in this space right now and, what is most exciting about launching this new division is that we offer a tangible solution to help brands and creators develop the next generation of experiences,” says disguise CXO and Head of Metaverse Solutions Alex Wills. “Our xR technology combines key metaverse building blocks including real-time 3D graphics, spatial technologies and advanced display interfaces – all to deliver a one-of-a-kind gateway to the metaverse.”

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