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DejaEdit 3 features improved file syncing and workflow management

DejaEdit version 3 has been announced
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DejaEdit version 3 has been announced

DejaSoft has unveiled DejaEdit version 3, its acclaimed file syncing software for Avid users working in different locations.

DejaEdit version 3 has been announced

With DejaEdit bins and media are synchronized across systems, with improved security and workflow management. It's available for EditShare and Nexis storage systems.

New Features in DejaEdit 3

DejaEdit 3 offers even better file synching and improved security. As more editors work remotely due to recent events, Avid Media Composer and Nexus users need a solution that accurately synchronizes media and bins, so when one editor makes a change in a project, other editors will see it reflected in their software.

There are also improvements with notifications and folder support, public and private bin sharing, DejaEdit Manager for post supervisors to control the workflow, and the ability to set up and use an editor's own S3 account.

The DejaEdit Manager also allows post supervisors greater security and control, allowing certain things to be shared. It's also a great tool to divide work, only giving a specific editor access to media and bins.

The Deja Edit 3

DejaEdit 3 has been boosted with many new functions that help to further streamline editing workflows," said Clas Hakeröd CEO of DejaSoft. "Editors and producers can benefit from DejaEdits collaborative efficiency in how media files and metadata are shared in a project both remotely, and in the same location or on set, and we are always looking at ways of fine-tuning features to suit customers needs." 

Pricing of DejaEdit 3

Earlier this year, DejaSoft introduced limited time pricing as many post houses had to go remote. With DejaEdit 3, there is a new and affordable pricing structure to help post houses and editors alike. Check out the pricing calculator here.


DejaEdit 3 has plenty of great new features for remote editors, post supervisors and producers using Avid Media Composer and Nexis to collaborate more effectively. Synchronizing, security and workflows have all been improved.

Visit DejaSoft's website to learn more.

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