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Colourlab Ai 1.2 makes grading even more streamlined

Colourlab Ai 1.2 is about to be released. Image: Colourlab Ai.
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Colourlab Ai 1.2 is about to be released. Image: Colourlab Ai.

Colourlab Ai will be getting another major new update, to be unveiled in a livestream on the 21st April at 10am PDT.

Colourlab Ai is quickly gaining ground as an essential tool to have in the grading quiver. It’s ability to quickly match footage, effectively in one click, and to take the pain out of the more laborious aspects of grading allows colourists to then make the most of their time by focussing it on the more creative aspects of the task.

Colourlab Ai 1.2 new features

Colourlab Ai 1.2 adds a new camera profile tool that further automates the camera matching process from different devices. The new release also adds support for ARRI Raw, Codex HDE, and Canon Raw. If media is being used that contains no metadata there’s also an interface to allow users to assign a camera profile to it, as well as to import and manage your own camera profiles.

Colourlab Ai 1.2 camera profile setup.
Colourlab Ai 1.2's camera profile setup.

A new look library, Essential Look Pack - Volume 1, is a set of different looks based upon different shows, created by Colourlab Ai founder and CEO Dado Valentic. These aren’t just apply and forget style LUTs. Instead they are parametric, meaning that they can be edited and modified within the app’s Look Designer tool.

Colourlab Ai will be debuting the new features over a video live stream on the 21st April at 10am PDT, 6PM UK, 7PM CET, and it can be seen at this link on YouTube or in the embedded below.

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