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Clean Audio with CrumplePops RustleRemover AI and Levelmatic

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CrumplePop RustleRemover AI and Levelmatic Audio Plugins, two plugins for audio cleanup we have a look at how they can clean up audio from anything to unwanted mic noises, to fixing levels in podcasts and interview audio.

CrumplePop makes some very clever and useful plugins for Mac-based editors.  These include audio tools to fix and enhance sound and video tools for grading and stabilizing.  The company has now announced two new audio plugins, RustleRemover AI and Levelmatic the former aimed at fixing a specific issue, and the latter leveling audio.

RustleRemover AI:

Using a lavalier microphone is one of the best ways to get clean and crisp audio, but sometimes the unwanted rustling of clothes against the mic with unwanted noise.  That’s where RustleRemover AI comes in.

The plugin intelligently isolates and removes the rustle, while preserving your subject’s audio.  Removing any kind of background noise while preserving voices can be very tricky, but RustleRemover AI does it very well, keeping the person's voice sounding normal.  Like other CrumplePop plugins, the UI is clean, streamlined and simple to use, all while doing its work in real-time playback.

RustleRemover AI, Which is worth it if you deal with this kind of an audio headache using Lavalier microphones.  I still would like to see CrumplePop create some sort of suite of plugins at an affordable price.  Look for sales, which can sometimes save up to 40%.



As with any sort of audio recording, when you are interviewing somebody, or perhaps filming a narrative production, inevitably the actor or actress move slightly away from the microphone, causing the audio to go quiet and then loud again.  Or two people talking into a mic, but one sounds quieter than the other.

It can be a real chore fixing those audio issues with a lot of key framing, using compressors and limiters, and more. 

CrumplePop's Levelmatic does the work automatically, saving hours of work.  Intelligently adjusts and levels your audio, right after you set your target output level in the clean interface.  Loud and quiet audio are corrected in minutes, not hours and voices are preserved.

Levelmatic plugin costs $69, RustleRemover AI $59, for Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition.  Levelmatic supports all codecs and resolutions supported by the native editing host.  Your Mac will need at least macOS v10.13 or newer, an Intel Core 2 Duo or greater and 2 GB of RAM.

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