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Celebrating 10 years of the Sony Alpha

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To mark a whole decade of the Sony Alpha mirrorless and full-frame camera series, Sony has released an interactive flipbook and infographic charting its progress since 2013.

Hard to believe that the Sony Alpha is 10 years old. Where did that decade go? But while 10 years ago we were busy taking photos of ourselves freaking out to Game of Throne’s Red Wedding scene with our new iPhone 5s, and wondering if binge-watching was the future after House of Cards, Sony was launching the Alpha 7 and 7R, the world's first mirrorless full-frame cameras.

It’s marking the anniversary with an interactive flipbook, a carefully curated collection of what it reckons are some of the finest images captured with Sony full-frame Alpha cameras over the past decade.

This is the range’s journey so far in bullet points and infographic.

Alpha FF infographic

• 2013: The photographic landscape was revolutionized with the introduction of the world's first mirrorless full-frame cameras – Sony’s Alpha 7 and 7R. These pioneering models marked the start of an ongoing evolution for the Alpha series.

• 2014: In less than a year after, Sony introduced the 'S' variation, setting new standards for low-light performance at high ISO settings and 4K video recording.

• 2015: The Alpha 7R II, featuring a ground-breaking 42.4-megapixel back-illuminated full-frame sensor, continued to redefine photography standards.

• 2017: The Alpha 9, launched in 2017, offered black-out free continuous silent shooting at an impressive 20 frames per second, giving sports photographers a competitive edge over their DSLR-shooting counterparts.

• 2020: Sony announced the Alpha 7C - the world’s smallest and lightest full-frame camera. Uncompromised performance in a compact design

• 2021: The Alpha 1, the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera to combine a high-resolution 50.1 megapixel sensor with 8k video recording capabilities and much more, groundbreaking for both photographers and videographers and marked a new era in professional imaging.

• 2022: The Alpha 7R V, the first Alpha camera with an AI processing chip for autofocus. The state-of-the-art AI processing uses detailed information about human form and pose estimation to dramatically improve recognition accuracy beyond systems which only detect face and eye, also includes several subject types such as animals, vehicles and insects.

What comes next? The company isn’t saying. But judging from that infographic, we’re probably going to be getting a new Alpha next year at some point or other. 

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