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Canon Introduces RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM Lens

Canon RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM lens
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Canon RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM lens

Canon has unveiled the RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM lens, a remarkable full-frame ultra wide-angle lens set to elevate the work of professional photographers and serious enthusiasts.

Canon RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM 

Pioneering a realm of full-frame visual possibilities, the RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM lens further confirms Canon's excellence closely associated with its L-series lenses. This new addition introduces enhanced optical performance through a contemporary mirrorless lens design with a comprehensive set of features, including:

  • New Image Stabilization (IS) Technology: Reducing wide-angle distortion at the outer edges of the frame, ensuring precision and clarity in your shots.

  • Impressively Compact Size and Lightweight Design: Weighing almost 1.25 pounds (570 grams), this lens is roughly half the weight of the EF series 11-24mm f/4 L lens, making it a portable choice for photographers on the move.

  • Super Quiet Canon STM Focus Drive Motor: A highlight of the camera, especially for videographers, as it makes the lens ideal for video capture. This is the first appearance of this technology in a Canon L-series lens.

Designed for professional videographers and stills visual storytellers, the RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM boasts a built-in lens hood and a convenient lens function button on the barrel. These features allow for a high degree of customization, including adjusting AF settings, Pre-Recording, Zebras, and more. Whether you're capturing landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, or even weddings, this lens is an asset that empowers professionals in different scenarios.

Canon RF10-20MM F4 L IS STM lens is set to hit the market in November with an estimated retail price of $2,299.00. For more, please visit usa.canon.com.

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