4K leads Sony's return to profitability

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Sony4K leads Sony's return to profitability

For several years now Sony has seen a disappointing trend where its position as the maker of choice for quality TVs has been eroded by Korean electronics giants, to the point where it has struggled to retain almost any traction in this ultra-competitive marketplace

But now, according to UK site hdtvtest.co.uk, the tide is turning in Sony's favour, and it's all because of their end-to-end strategy for 4K.

Few companies are in such an advantageous position as Sony to embrace a new format. They make 4K movie cameras, own 4K production facilities, and - somewhat importantly - own a vast catalogue of movies, which they are, of course, able to re-scan at 4K and distribute using their 4K streaming system which includes the FMP-X1 4K Media Player.

All the way through Sony's 4K ecosystem there's a clear sense of engineering and marketing confidence that many people feel has been absent from Sony's presence on the high-street for some time. And it's paying off.

Sony's 4K Ecosystem

Sony's flagship 84" Bravia garnered a lot of attention, not least because of its top-end ($25,000) price, but also because it's such an accomplished television. This impressive combination of design and performance is also visible in the cheaper, more accessible models that have been announced since then.

And it is these devices that are actually responsible for the turnaround in Sony's profitability in the TV sector.

We've always said that 4K would catch on quickly, and despite high prices compared to HD, and limited availability of 4K material, it has. Just ask Sony.

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