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Sony opens new training and knowledge exchange centre at Pinewood, UK

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Sony/Pinewood Studios/RedShark Sony opens new training and knowledge exchange centre at Pinewood, UK

Sony has invested in a new training and familiarisation centre at Pinewood Film Studios in the UK

So much new equipment is coming out, so quickly, that unless you work for a hire company, it's near impossible to stay up to date. What's more, cameras are getting so good that it's more important than ever to know how to use them properly. It's with this in mind that Sony has launched a new training and "information exchange" centre in the centre of the UK's film community at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire.

Cutting edge

This leafy corner of England is only a few miles outside London, although a big proportion of anyone working on film in the UK is probably already there at any given time! The aim is to give film crews and freelance operators an opportunity to learn the latest techniques and use production equipment that is on the cutting edge of available filming technology.

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Sony to Open Digital Motion Picture Centre in Europe at Pinewood Studio

New DMPC(E) facility emphasises Sony’s commitment to help filmmakers capitalise on new and evolving digital technologies Pinewood Studios & Basingstoke – 31st July 2013


Sony has today announced that it is opening a new Digital Motion Picture Centre in Europe at the heart of the film production community located at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, UK. Scheduled to open later this summer, the DMPC(E) has been designed as an industry-wide resource for training and knowledge sharing on Sony’s latest cameras, combined with workflows from industry partners that are setting new standards in cinematography.

Cinematographers, film crews, rental and post production facilities and freelance operators in the wider production community will be welcome. They will have the opportunity to learn more about the latest techniques and equipment available, and get hands-on experience of the various parts of the production chain. This can be through a programme of scheduled courses or by dropping in for an informal discussion.

This new facility will be a place where members of the European production community can meet, find out about the latest technologies and share experiences,” said Katsunori Yamanouchi, VP, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. Leveraging the collective experience of Sony, its alliance partners and the Sony Professional Solutions Specialist dealer network, the facility will feature Sony’s CineAlta™ family of Super 35mm cameras, including the ground-breaking F65 and the new F55 and F5 models. The most up-to-date tools for end-to-end 4K workflows and a selection of both 4K and HD displays for viewing pictures in professional and home environments will be key features.

Sony has a long history of developing leading edge technology including the world’s first 24P camera,” said Peter Sykes, Strategic Technology Manager at Sony. “There is a growing realisation that the performance offered by new cameras such as the F65 and F55 have opened up completely new creative opportunities for the very highest quality 4K, 2K and HD film and television projects. We have designed the centre with the aim of making it easier for filmmakers and production crews to gain access to the technology, specialist knowledge and experience that has been gained over many years.

As well as fulfilling a requirement for training, the DMPC(E)will also play an important role in helping Sony capture user requirements to drive product development.

It is critical for Sony’s future success that we listen to key figures in the industry and take their input to further advance the art of digital production,” explained Katsunori Yamanouchi. “Our mission is to support the spread of this exciting new technology and help the industry as a whole to seize the creative opportunities it presents. We are delighted to be opening the DMPC(E) at Pinewood Studios as a clear indication of our commitment to support innovation in cinematic and television entertainment.”

Darren Woolfson, Group Director of Technology, Pinewood Studios Group, said:

The Pinewood Studios Group is one of the leading providers of studio and related services to the worldwide film and television industries, and has been home to some of the most successful feature films and television shows ever made. We are very happy that Sony has chosen Pinewood Studios as the location of this new European facility to help filmmakers get the most from the new technologies that continue to evolve.

The DMPC(E)is scheduled to open at the end of September 2013.

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