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RedShark to give 4K presentation on Weds 10th July in Notting Hill, London

Electric CinemaElectric Cinema

Just in case you happen to be in London this Wednesday morning, 10th July, I just wanted to mention that I'll be giving a talk on 4K at the Electric Cinema in Portabello Road, Notting Hill in London

Organised by Tahex (a top UK Hewlett Packard reseller whose MD has a broadcast-technology background) this is a chance to hear all the latest in the universe of 4K, and to have a discussion afterwards.

Everyone is welcome: you just have to register here. Space is very limited so the sooner you register the better.

Note that it starts at 9:30 AM and not PM!

Tie-dye kaftans and bell-bottoms are not essential.

Hope to see you there!

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