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Digital Bolex comes alive

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Digital Bolex/RedSharkDigital Bolex comes alive

Digital Bolex is documenting every twist and turn of the D16's development. Here's an important one: it works!

 This is just a short story. All we know is that this picture appeared on Digital Bolex's Facebook page just now.

What we assume this shows is that, essentally, the camera is working, end to end, at least in some sense. This may be the first time we've actually seen the sensor working, although we can absolutely not tell anything about quality from this picture.

That's all the details we have. We're sure more will emerge soon.

A few people have said to us that we're spending too much time with Digital Bolex rather than, say, IKONOSCOP, who recently announced that they had financial issues. In many ways IKONOSCOP is like Digital Bolex in that it's an HD camera that outputs Cinema DNG.

The point here is that IKONOSCOP made very little marketing noise indeed. It's sad that they're having problems but you have to do more than develop a brilliant product. You have to let people know about it!

And that's what Digital Bolex is doing. It's not that we're biased towards them or against anyone else, it's just that they're telling a fascinating story.

In case you're not too familiar with the Digital Bolex story, here's our original interview with them.



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