The ultra low-cost Seiki 4K TV is available - and it's good!

Written by RedShark News Staff

Seiki/RedSharkSeiki TV is for real

Barely two weeks ago we carried a story about the Seiki 50" 4K TV that was priced at only $1299 - a tiny fraction of the prices that we've been seeing for 4K TVs from the usual manufacturers. Most people were understandably sceptical. Was this ever going to go on sale at this extraordinarily low price? Would it be any good?

We now have answers.

Yes, it's pretty good. The first reports are in. Where costs have been cut, they've left picture quality unscathed: it's only the features that nobody's sure that they want anyway - like a "Smart TV" interface, that are missing. Apparently the set is well built and the picture is everything that you'd expect from a competent 4K device. Posts on the REDUSER forum confirm that each individual pixel at 4K resolution does display unique information.


And it's on Amazon! You can read some more reviews there.

The price on this screen is so low that some REDUSER forum members appear to be buying it almost as an impulse. At least one intends to use it as a 4K computer monitor!

All of this makes us wonder: will other manufacturers rush to compete with this display?

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