This really is the ultimate car commercial

Written by RedShark News Staff

Kubota/RedSharkUltimate car commercial

It's hard to imagine an advert better than this. It has everything you'd expect - and more!

Recently we wrote about an advert for the new Range Rover Sport that featured the conspicuous talent of Daniel Craig. We liked it, but some people disagreed with us, saying it was wasteful to spend so much money on a celebrity for a car launch.

So here's what we think really is the ultimate car commercial, with high production values, a silky voice-over, and a shiny, sleek - wait.. what?


Production Company - The Directors Group
Director/DOP - Matthew Chuang
Producer - Craig Griffin
Production Manager - Alex Roberts
Editor - Billy Browne

Agency - Red Handed
Creative Director - Tim Forte
Writer - Dan Forrestal


Tags: Business


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