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NAB - Big news from Blackmagic expected today

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RedSharkNAB Analysis

We're at NAB today - it starts in a few hours, and the first meeting for us is the BMD press conference. It's exciting and with good reason: you can expect some VERY big announcements that will shake the industry to the core

We're already preparing articles and they will appear later on RedShark.

I just wanted to explain our approach to NAB. We're not going to report every single press release. Let's fact it - most of them are pretty dull, and there are plenty of so-so products that only seem to have earth-shattering importance to their manufacturers or developers.

So what we're going to do is pick out what we think are the most influential products and cover them in detail.

We're aiming for quality in our coverage

Rather than "Live Blogging" we're going to write theses stories in the evening, after the show. We want to have time to filter the information and rank it for priority. This means that if you're in the US, you'll see them in the evening, and if you're in Europe, they'll be online in the morning. We're not aiming for speed, but for quality.

There's a real buzz here in Las Vegas - not least because of Blackmagic! Stay tuned for our coverage.

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