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See what you missed at our RedShark Live event in Amsterdam.

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RedShark MediaRedShark Connect Amsterdam 2018

We completely understand that not everyone can get to Amsterdam on a Monday in September. But don't worry - there will be more of these amazing events popping up around the globe over the next year. Meanwhile, here's what an intense three hours of 8K workflow fun looks like sixteen floors above the Amsterdam waterfront.

RedShark Connect events are an alternative way for filmmakers to connect with manufacturers and experts in the industry. They're on a much more human scale than the giant trade shows.

But the biggest difference is that it's a chance for manufacturers to show their products working together. You don't normally see this. But that's exactly why RedShark Connect events exist: you can see real-life, real-time demonstrations of fully functional workflows. 

Oh, and there's food and drinks as well. 

At our Amsterdam event we had RED cameras, Atomos, Fujinon, G-Technology, Adobe and Dell, all working together to show a practical 8K HDR workflow. If you want to know what it was like to be there, watch the video below:


Thanks to DP Andrea Casetti (andrea.casetti on Instagram) for making this reel! 


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