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The EOS "R" and hands-on with the BMPCC4K: watch a recording of RedShark Live 7

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RedShark MediaRedShark Live Episode 7

Here's a recording of Episode 7 of RedShark Live, and this week we talked about last weeks major announcement from Canon in the form of the EOS "R" as well as our own hands-on with Blackmagic Design's eagerly awaited Pocket Cinema Camera 4K.

Last week was full of surprises. Canon's announcement of the EOS "R" has stirred up a tonne of commentary, while our hands-on with the BMPCC4K was far and away one of the biggest responses we've had to any article. It is clear to see that even before IBC there's a lot going on in the world of camera making, and we will be discussing everything about the forthcoming show in this week's broadcast.

This week marks episode 7 of RedShark Live, and we've enjoyed producing every one of them so far. Feedback from viewers has been fantastic, and we hope that you will watch this week for more expert commentary on what's been happening in the world of video technology.

Click on the video below to watch. 


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