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NAB Rumors...

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A major part of the fun of NAB is the swirling vortex of rumors that gathers force in the weeks and days before the show. As a public service, we're bringing you the latest that we've heard, without passing any comment whatsoever

This is the best list we've seen so far, compiled by Michael Sandiford on Blackmagic User.net. To be taken, of course, with a metric tonne of Sodium Chloride.

Red Giant: Could they be about to make the leap into NLE?

Canon:  a new camera to sit between the C100 and C300 and will the 7D mk2 be released?

Blackmagic: Favourite rumour doing the rounds is a active MFT. A grading monitor called DaVinci display?

GoPro: Huge things are expected from GoPro this year.

RED: Jim Jannard "NAB 2013 will be historic. Mark my words...." A 3k camera for 3k?

Panasonic: Will Panasonic finally announce its entry into the 4k world?

Sony: A new camera in the NEX range, maybe a FS200?

Technicolour: "Technicolor are going to be launching some sort of new colour correction solution at NAB"

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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