RedShark Awards at IBC 2017

Written by RedShark News Staff

IBC is here again. And so are the coveted RedShark awards. These are the ones to win, folks.

If you’re anything like us, right now you’re reluctantly coming to terms with the realisation that it’s September again. Which can only mean one thing: IBC in Amsterdam - which is certainly Europe’s No. 1 industry show and right up there with NAB if the number of product announcements is anything to go by.

And so it’s time for the coveted RedShark awards for IBC. 

RedShark’s panel of experts makes the final awards but please do let us know if you think theres a product that should be considered for any of our categories, which are:

Best Cinema Camera

This is the award for the best top-end camera for making movies. Just to put this in perspective: it must be a camera that top film directors and cinematographers would consider using. In fact, not just “consider” but actively choose.  

Best Audio Product

Audio is a whole industry in itself and this could be software or hardware: a digital audio workstation or a loudspeaker. Noise reduction software or a microphone.  

Best Post Product

A wide field because it includes NLEs, VFX and compositing software - and much more too.   

Best Storage Device

This could be a memory card, RAID system, NAS or shared storage: or any of the other myriad manifestations of stationary data. 

Best Optical/Lens Product

This could be a memory card, RAID system, NAS or shared storage: or any of the other myriad manifestations of stationary data. 

Best Live Production/Streaming Product

Live production is booming. Streaming is booming. Put them together and you have an explosion of products in this field.

Best New Tech Product

This really is a catch-all category. It will be won by the product that shows the biggest advance in technology, or the best use of it.

Best Camera Rig/Accessory

This goes all the way from little accessories that sit on a camera to tripods and cranes.

Best Recorder/Field monitor

It’s sometimes hard to detect the edge of this ever-evolving field, but there are some great products out there that act as recorders and field monitors at the same time, or separately.

Best Documentary Camera

What is a documentary camera? It’s a camera that can be operated by one person, that’s versatile and which can be relied on to get the shot every time, even in adverse conditions. 

What do you think? 

Please do let us know if you know of a product that deserves our consideration. We need to know by close of play Saturday this week. 

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