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Don't miss RedShark's 4K seminars at Broadcast Video Expo, London 26-28th Feb

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RedSharkRedShark's 4K BVE seminars

With apologies to those who can't get there (and living in Los Angeles or Tasmania is a reasonable excuse), Europe's Broadcast Video Expo starts tomorrow, and RedShark is there

We've commandeered the spot right by the entrance to the seminar rooms in the Platinum Suite. You can't miss the Suite, or us, one you're inside it.

We'd love to meet as many as possible of you and it's the perfect opportunity or you to tell us what you think of RedShark and how we can make it even better.

Meanwhile, inside the Canon 3D and 4K theatre (just to the left or our stand) we will be presenting three seminars on different aspects of 4K: one each day starting at 10:30. Here are the details:

Tuesday 26th Feb: 4K and digital cinematography

A detailed look at the importance and relevance of 4K to digital cinematography focusing not just on pixels but on how we perceive high resolution video, and how that impacts on the art, as well as the science of moving images. Peter Sykes from Sony will have a Sony F65 and we will use this top-end  (actually 8K) camera to kick the discussion off.

Chaired by David Shapton, Managing Editor, RedShark

Peter Sykes, Strategic Technology Development Manager at Sony Europe Limited
Phil Rhodes, Cinematographer, technologies and writer
James Ian Gray, Digital Imaging Technician

Wednesday 27th Feb: 4K, Workflow, Post Production and VFX

A look at not just how you cope with all that extra data, but how 4K changes things artistically and how you have to change the way you work when creating and processing media and effects. We'll have demos of 4K VFZ work and will talk about shooting 4K for VFX work

Chaired by David Shapton, Managing Editor, RedShark

HaZ Dulull, Senior VFX Supervisor
Victor Perez, Senior VFX Supervisor
James Richings, MD Editshare EMEA

Thursday 28th Feb: 4K and the Cloud - Squaring the workflow circle.

Cloud technology is moving into every area - even post production workflows. But just as you want to start storing your media remotely, 4K is forcing the data rates up. How do you deal with this?

Chaired by David Shapton, Managing Editor, RedShark

Howard Twine, Industry expert in media asset management and workflow solutions
James Richings, MD, Editshare Europe

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