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RedShark has teamed up with Devoncroft, a well-respected survey company based in the US. We're asking you to fill in their Big Broadcast Survey to help everyone in the industry understand important new trends and directions

Devoncroft Partners is inviting the readers of RedShark to participate in the annual Big Broadcast Survey (BBS), the largest annual study of the global media technology sector.  You can click on here to start the survey.  At RedShark, we believe the information captured in the BBS is an essential reference for understanding the technology trends impacting the media technology sector.

Your feedback will also help your technology suppliers improve the products and services they deliver to you. Since Devoncroft is a trusted third-party, you can provide honest feedback with assured confidentiality.

All participants receive a 180-page industry report from Devoncroft, valued at $350, as soon as they have completed the survey. In addition, you will receive a 100+ page summary of the 2017 market study as soon as its available, as well as one or more entries into a drawing for one of ten $500 gift cards from Amazon.

About the Big Broadcast Survey

Devoncroft’s Big Broadcast Survey (BBS) is an annual demand-side study of the global broadcast industry, which enables readers to improve strategic decision making, engagement, marketing strategy, and sales execution.

Thousands of media professionals in 100+ countries (translated into 10 languages) participate in the annual BBS, making it the largest and most comprehensive market study of the global media technology industry.

The primary research gathered covers technology trends, emerging technologies, and upcoming technology deployments.  Individual feedback on products and brands is used by technology suppliers to improve the products they deliver to media professionals.  

About Devoncroft Partners

Devoncroft Partners provides market research and strategic consulting services to a wide range of digital media clients. The company publishes a variety of syndicated market research reports and has been retained for numerous custom engagements by leading players in the broadcast, cable/satellite/IPTV, digital media, Pro-AV, private equity, and finance industries.

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