KitSplit makes your camera gear work harder for you [sponsored]

Written by RedShark News Staff

KitsplitMake your gear work for you even when you're not using it yourself

KitSplit is a new concept in the camera gear rentals market: one where owners can safely rent their gear out when they’re not using it.

It's a neat idea, and a popular one considering that renters can save 30-50% and get one click insurance and instant delivery. It’s been called “The Airbnb of cameras” by Forbes and Fast Company, and it’s taking the industry by storm: it launched just a little over a year ago, but already has tens of thousands of members including Emmy and Oscar award-winning filmmakers, plus companies like National Geographic, Vox, and NBC.

We all love buying new gear, but sometimes it can be hard to justify: especially if you have a lot of gear lying around that often goes unused. This is where KitSplit comes in. The company helps owner-operators, production companies, and rental houses make money renting out their gear when they’re not using it themselves: meaning that kit can be used more often, and sometimes, can even pay for itself. Indeed, thousands of people and companies are already renting gear out on KitSplit and many have earned back the value of their gear through KitSplit rentals. Top owners are earning thousands a month!


The company takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the process, too. All renters are thoroughly vetted and insured, so owners know that gear is in good hands and will be kept safe. Payment is done through KitSplit, so owners get paid straight away when the rental happens, and there’s no risk of bounced checks or having to hunt down the renter for an invoice.

It also works well for the renters: if you rent from individuals or production companies, prices are often 30-50% less than conventional rental routes. And they have rental houses on the platform too—so you can really see all of the options in one place. If you don’t have insurance, you can buy it on KitSplit in just a few seconds.  Most people find gear right in their neighborhood, and if you’re in a rush, you can have the gear delivered straight to your shoot.


KitSplit aggregates gear from thousands of vendors. They have all kinds of gear, from high-end specialist equipment such as the six-figure Phantom Flex to intro level DSLRs, and all the lights, lenses, grip and more you can imagine in-between. All this is available to search on one site. With the option to add insurance and local delivery — even straight to your shoot — in the bargain, it’s a one-stop shop for rental needs. They also have several gear experts on-call to answer your questions about what gear to rent and how to get the most out of the KitSplit experience.

KitSplit is currently operating in most of the major production hubs in the US. Click here to check out the site and sign up to save money renting gear, or make money renting out your own gear!


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