RedShark Awards NAB 2017 - help us decide the winners

Written by RedShark News Staff

RedShark NewsIt's coveted precisely because no one has to pay to win it...

As NAB gets ever closer - it's just over a week away now - it's time to start thinking once more about nominations for the RedShark Awards.

The world’s biggest trade show for the Film, TV and Video industries is approaching very rapidly. NAB is held every April in Las Vegas and it never disappoints. It is the show that resets everyone’s expectations for the coming year. 

We will be covering the show in detail and have RedShark people on the show floor.

A few years ago we introduced the RedShark Awards to NAB and they’ve proved to be extremely popular - not least because other awards actually require candidates to pay to be considered for an award. 

We think this is the wrong way to run an award and so our awards don’t require any payment either to enter or to win. They’re completely free. 

We will be giving awards in the following categories: 

Best HDR Product
Best Editing Product     
Best VFX/CGI product                    
Best Post Product                    
Best VR Product                    
Best Drone/Quadcopter               
Best Storage Device                    
Best Low Priced Camera               
Best Mid Priced Camera               
Best Cinema Camera                    
Best Live Production product
Best IP product     
Best Lens

and the awards are for the best product in each category that we see.

Now, we can’t see everything. Even if we try, we might miss something. So we’re asking you, if you make a product you would like us to consider, that is going to be on show at NAB 2017, to let us know about it. And please tell us not just what the product is, buy why it’s so good that it should win an award. 

This request goes out to everyone - if you’re a reader that’s seen a cool product or even PR agencies - although please note the previous paragraph: don’t just send us the usual press stuff: tell us why the product should win. 

Please email us at as soon as possible

If you have any questions, please also email this address.

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