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Don't forget: RedShark Live in New York with RED, Audio Network and Lightworks is tomorrow

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RedShark NewsBack in NYC: Come meet us and others at RED's downtown NYC showrooms

We're planning something really exciting. It's an evening with RED, Audio Network and Lightworks: three great companies all under the umbrella of ‘RedShark Live’, on March 9, New York. There will be pizza.

We’re hosting a series of RedShark Live events around the world. We want to meet our readers and host some incredible evenings with leading figures in the industry. We're starting with RED, Audio Network and Lightworks - all hosted in RED's beautiful downtown NYC showrooms.

Come and try RED cameras, including RED EPIC-W, WEAPON 8K S35 and WEAPON 6K. Get advice from RED Experts; meet the people from RED.

Audio Network creates the very top quality music for film and video, some of it recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. Come and see how you can try out and purchase music from inside an NLE.

There's a new and fresh edition of Lightworks video editor, with a redesigned, super slick user interface. Packed with effects and all all kinds of indispensable tools - and access to amazing audio and video content - it’s more powerful than ever!

You'll be able to see RED high resolution footage edited in realtime on the brand new Lightworks v14.0 which includes searching, preview and purchase of Audio Network music.

RedShark Editor-In-Chief, David Shapton, and other RedShark staff will be there. We’d love to hear your feedback. Tell us what you’d like to see in RedShark in the future.

RED's NYC store is a wonderful and fun venue. We look forward to seeing you there for what we expect be an absolutely brilliant evening!

If you're in New York, or you can get there for March 9, click here to register for tickets, which - please note - are limited in number and only available on a first-come-first-served basis. They’re already going fast!

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