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Digital Bolex: Actual body revealed in detail

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Digital Bolex/RedSharkDigital Bolex body in detail

More breaking Digital Bolex coverage: detailed pictures of the actual D16 body

There's so much information coming out about this Kickstarter-funded 16mm Digital camera that even though it's late according to its original schedule, everyone can understand why. And the good news is that it keeps getting better. Apart from the usual and expected engineering delays, most of the changes announced over the last week or so have been to incorporate improvements suggested by potential users.

"Beautiful Object"

So here is the first glimpse in detail at the body. And here's how Joe Rubinstein, Co-Founder of Digital Bolex puts it:

"The mentality of making the D16 a beautiful object, that we hope people will want to keep for a long time, and making it useful for that same duration of time are tied together. If we had made a plastic camera that we thought most people will dispose of in 18 months we would never have put the effort into the other features that we hope will give the D16 a long useful life.

This is form follows function on an emotional level."





You can read Joe's original blog post here. And here's our recent exclusive interview with Joe Rubinstein about the Digital Bolex project and vision.

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