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Wooden Camera finds a new home at Vitec

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Wooden Camera / RedShark NewsWooden Camera has been acquired by Vitec PLC.


The Dallas-based camera accessory company has been acquired by Vitec PLC.

A memorable brand is an extremely valuable asset to a business and you only have to hear the name 'Wooden Camera' for it to be an indelible memory.

It might be because of the cognitive dissonance (who ever heard of a wooden camera?), or maybe it's the unambiguously wooden nature of the company's logo.

Whether either or both are true, it's very clever. This probably didn't escape the attention of the Vitec Group, which has just announced that it has acquired the arboreally-themed company.

Founded in 2011 by Ryan and Elizabeth Schorman, their first product, a 3.5mm audio jack to XLR converter, quickly became a must-have. These days, all of Wooden Camera's products, including baseplates, matte boxes, power distribution and cages, among other things, are made in the company's Dallas, Texas factory.

This seems to us to be a good acquisition by Vitec, because the products are high quality and, importantly, they compliment the other areas of the growing camera accessory group, which includes SmallHD, Teradek and Anton Bauer.

We wish Vitec PLC and Wooden camera luck in their new relationship.

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